Epizoochory: seed sorter (5)
Epizoochory: estivation
Epizoochory: seed sorter
Epizoochory: seed sorter (2)
Epizoochory: dormancy

"Adamo Macri (Canada) truly worth watching this video such intricate detail is thought- provoking through and through."
Alison Williams (director of HCA, curator of Radical)

"Bearing seemingly disparate objects and fabrications and placing them rooted in the human male face the way you do makes your work as challenging as it is mythic."
Bob Boldt (American artist, writer, poet, film/video maker)

"A cursory look at his online portfolio will reveal brilliant and often startling images of the interaction between human and plant, a manipulation of organic matter as small as seeds to stunning effect, as well as the microscopic activity of chemical reactions. A study of the Exuviae and Epizoochory series, or a specific portrait like Hinterland, reveals Macri’s deep affiliation with the grace, paradoxes and multiplicity of natural phenomena. Not coincidentally, the human character in Epizoochory sports a mesh veil similar to that worn in the triffid portraits."
Kenneth Radu (Canadian writer)