Stasis Echo of Mount Helicon

"I am reminded of one of my favourite classical myths, the richly symbolic story of Narcissus. This may not be surprising because Macri himself has created an image entitled Narcissus, part of the artist’s botanical interests. To clear away any automatic response, I am not thinking of psychological narcissism, that common pathology of personality. In Macri’s conception, the story goes beyond mere neurosis. It illustrates his fascination with the cellular structure of natural phenomenon, the principles of growth in animal and plant life, and their connection with human life (e.g. Epizoochory among others). As he has mentioned in one of his Facebook comments: “flowers spring up everywhere, sometimes as a main feature of a myth, at times blurring the line between plant and person.” Having rejected the love of the clinging nymph Echo, Narcissus becomes hypnotized by his reflection in a glassy pool, remains fixated, and wastes away from unrequited passion."
Kenneth Radu (Alternative Waters: a Personal View of Recent Macri Portraits)