Hinterland, 2016
Adamo Macri
Overall: 62 x 57 x 4 cm

"Hinterland has much in common with the complex portrait, Memento Mori. It confirms the general view that Macri is a consistent artist with a coherent, ever- widening portrayal of character and identity residing within the corporate restrictions or “clothing” of our everyday world. Macri uses his own face to create myth as much as he shifts identities, elicits sexual desires, and manipulates forms of decay and rebirth."

"Admirers of this artist understand his fascination with organic life at the cellular level, not only living cells but also inorganic activity. A cursory look at his online portfolio will reveal brilliant and often startling images of the interaction between human and plant, a manipulation of organic matter as small as seeds to stunning effect, as well as the microscopic activity of chemical reactions. A study of the Exuviae and Epizoochory series, or a specific portrait like Hinterland, reveals Macri’s deep affiliation with the grace, paradoxes and multiplicity of natural phenomena."