Dust Roe

An essay which Dust Roe is the primary subject matter, by Canadian writer Kenneth Radu is available at this link.
Sea Change: Adamo Macri’s Dust Roe

"An aperture located where the third eye would be, as though a direct opening to the mind's eye. Acting like a funnel to channel all the stimuli, vibrations, physical manifestations of the environment surrounding the figure. The body and brain becoming so overwhelmed, to manifest a physical vine that extrudes out of the head, via the auditory canals.

The vines twisting and knitting themselves into a never-ending necklace, adorn the body and further influence the environment of others that may encounter this otherworldly creature.

The image evokes feelings of the deep ocean, a vast, living entity in and of itself. The color scheme, the conch shells that cling like barnacles, the seaweed-like rope that invades the ears and entwined the neck. The opening at the mouth and forehead, like the bell of a trumpet emitting high-pitched organic soundwaves of distress.

One can feel the fear and agony as the figure is ensnared by the ever tightening predatory vines, unable to escape their grasp - It bugles a Death Song."
Theresa Pope Church (American scientist)