Identity Matrix (Galerie ERGA) 2017

A related essay by Canadian writer Kenneth Radu is available at this link.
Adamo Macri’s Triffid and I

Excerpt: "The relationship between Macri’s art and his viewers, myself included, can be intensely close, intensely symbiotic, as if he creates out of our fascination, and we become more aware of our own contradictions and layers of being through his creations. He doesn’t ask us to admire so much as suggest that we cast off blinkers and recognize that what we see in his portraits may well be the face of our many and often secret identities. And the name of Macri’s show in November in the Erga Gallery was in fact Identity Matrix. Nor should we forget the meaning of the word matrix."

Identity Matrix solo exhibition at Galerie ERGA in Montreal CA 2017