Leaven’s Freedom

An essay which Leaven’s Freedom is the primary subject matter, by Canadian writer Kenneth Radu is available at this link.
Out of the Desert He Rises: Distress and Macri’s Leaven’s Freedom

Excerpt: "He does not come speaking on behalf of anyone who will come after him as if he is a kind precursor, a kind of John the Baptist. His speech consists of the words any viewer puts on his tongue; it does not speak unless it speaks with our interpretations. Nothing is more silent than a Macri portrait, and Leaven’s Freedom is noisy with the volubility of unheard languages. We hear in the silence whatever language we speak, the unspoken desires and mute blasphemies as we seek to embrace the dusty head and wash away the sands of sorrow, rake our fingers through the hair, and search for sparks of revelation in his dark down-turning eyes."